Estetica e filosofia delle arti

«Aisthesis», vol. 14, n. 2/2021


Segnaliamo l’uscita del vol. 14 n.2/2021 della rivista «Aisthesis», Finalism in judgment, finalism of judging.

Questo l’indice:

• Fabrizio Desideri, Mariagrazia Portera, Foreword. Finalism and Judgement
• Stefano Velotti, A New Image of Humanity? A Transcendental in the Making
• Francesco Vitale, The Teleological Program. Ernst Mayr’s Teleonomy from Philosophy to Cybernetics (or Kant’s Revenge)
• Luigi Filieri, Kant on the Purposiveness of the Reflecting Power of Judgment
• Lorenzo Sala, Systematicity, Purposiveness, Necessity: from the transcendental deduction of the ideas to the transcendental deduction of the principle of purposiveness of nature
• Antonio Branca, From the first to the third Critique. Judgment sensible position and Kant’s concept of Zweckmäßigkeit
• Andrea Lanza, Husserl’s Teleologie der «tiefen» Assoziationen as Foundation of the Theory of Judgment in comparison with Millikan’s Teleosemantic Theory
• Onerva Kiianlinna, Contradiction That Never Was: Epigenesis versus Modularity in Evolutionary Aesthetics
• Barbara Santini, Teleology as a way to religion. Hölderlin and the antinomy of judgement
• Fabrizio Desideri, Labyrinth, Ruin, Junkspace, Monad: dialectical images of the contemporary city
• Francesca Perotto, Filter Bubbles. Art and digital worlds
• Caterina Zaira Laskaris, Aesthetic experience as a framing of reality: the impact of digital media on visual perception, between pandemic context and museum approach
• Ricardo Ibarlucía, The Bride Machine: Duchamp’s Theory of Art Revisited
• Mariya Veleva, Robert Smithson’s aesthetics and the future of Earth Art
• David Alvarogonzàlez, The Classification of the Substantive Arts
• Carmelo Colangelo, Salvation in the rhythm? Crisis and limitation in Henry Maldiney

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